Valentine’s Day


A dozen of «politically incorrect» or «non-mainstream» pics about this date for your enjoyment. You’ll find some explanation about the origins and real meaning of this celebration (and some more pics) here and here [in Spanish].

marketing sling_irish dont

milk dead-cupido herpes

either dinner-love valentines-day-02

i-love-you-with-all-my-butt-card pretend valentines-day-sucks-15

Now you can make your own Valentine’s card –the way you like– and all of them will be exhibited on our «English Corner» next Thursday. [Update: See HERE]
You can also take part in the survey and vote:

4 comentarios en “Valentine’s Day

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  3. Valentine’s Day is currently a very prominent date in our calendars since: «it is celebrated the day to show the love you have for your partner». I believe that this should be done daily and it is not necessary to buy anything to prove it. For two weeks before February 14, advertising brands dedicate themselves to showing the public their most luxurious and expensive products so that “innocent” people fall in and buy high-value gifts for our partner. To make us believe that with that detail we show him everything we love, but not only does it lead us to spend an unnecessary amount of money that is later useless.

    Me gusta

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