Comparative & superlative


as + adjective + as
John is as tall as George.

>2 syllables
more + adjective + than
The chair is more comfortable than the sofa.

=2 syllables
–ful, –re: more + adjective + than
That tool is more useful than mine.
–y, –er: adjective+er than
Maggie is prettier than his sister.

<2 syllables
adjective+er than
Peter is taller than María.

less + adjective + than
He is less intelligent than his daughter.


>2 syllables
the most + adjective
The chair is the most comfortable of all.

=2 syllables
–ful, –re: the most + adjective
That tool is the most useful.
–y, –er: the adjective+est
Maggie is the prettiest.

<2 syllables
the adjective+est
Peter is the tallest.

«Irregular» adjectives

Good——-better——-the best
Bad——-worse——-the worst
Far——-farther/further ——-the farthest/the furthest
Old——-older/elder——-the oldest/the eldest


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