[1BCH] Passive sentences

Here you are, those sentences that were to be put into passive (or causative), using an infinitive construction where possible. Passive and causative structures are marked in bold.

  1. The money was added and [it was] found to be correct.
  2. I’m having the bathroom tiled.
  3. A terrible mistake seems to have been made.
  4. You are supposed to make tea.
  5. He is known to be armed.
  6. He was seen to pick up the gun.
  7. You are known to have been in town on the night of the crime.
  8. He is believed to have special knowledge which may be useful to the police.
  9. This needn’t have been done.
  10. You’d better have it taken in.
  11. He likes to be called ‘sir’.
  12. This switch is not to be touched / This switch mustn’t be touched.
  13. You’ll have to have it seen.
  14. This can’t be done.
  15. We are being followed.
  16. Boys used to be made to climb the chimneys to clean them.
  17. It has to be seen to be believed.
  18. I am tired of being ordered about.
  19. He doesn’t like to be laughed at.
  20. This watch needn’t to be wound.
  21. He shouldn’t have been told.
  22. They decided that the money should be divided.
  23. He is believed to have been killed [by terrorists].
  24. Letters are to be sent to the leaders of charitable organizations.
  25. She is considered to have been the best singer that Australia has ever produced.
  26. Smoking is not allowed.
  27. The expedition is known to have reached the South Pole in May.
  28. Before printing was invented, everything had to be written by hand.
  29. The government was urged to create more jobs / They urged that more jobs should be created.
  30. They suggested that the sale of alcohol should be banned.

Specific doubts may be consulted as comments to this post.

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