[1ESO] Wrong sentences

Here you are: those wrong sentences, corrected.

  1. It’s quarter past twelve.
  2. It is very hot today.
  3. John is sitting behind / next to Mary.
  4. Sarah has got brown eyes; her hair is brown too.
  5. Lisa’s brother is 15 years old.
  6. Where is your sister? –She is at home.
  7. They’ve got two children.
  8. How are you? –Fine, thanks.
  9. They are not from Italy.
  10. She usually walks the dog at night.
  11. We often go to the sports centre.
  12. Can you drive a car?
  13. You ride a bike every day.
  14. Do these boys go to your school?
  15. We are writing a message to your parents.
  16. There are three trees in my street.
  17. Are there any desks in the room?
  18. –Are you studying now? –Yes, I am
  19. We often watch TV in the evening.
  20. Why is Elle in Sydney? –Because she’s on holidays.
  21. I am walking the dog right now.
  22. Good-looking is the opposite of ugly.
  23. Madrid is drier than most European cities.
  24. Jane is more beautiful than your sister.
  25. My house is the highest in the street.
  26. A lion is not as large as a tiger.
  27. What do you think of this book?
  28. You mustn’t take pictures in the museum.
  29. They shouldn’t eat so many hamburgers.
  30. I can drive very well.
  31. We can go with them.
  32. These are your books.
  33. He is John and that is his car.
  34. What do people say about you?
  35. This is the last sentence.

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