You don’t owe me

«You Don’t Own Me» is a pop song written by Philadelphia songwriters John Madara and David White and recorded by Lesley Gore in 1963, when she was only 17 years old.

The song expresses a threatened emancipation, as the singer tells a lover that he does not own her, that he is not to tell her what to do or what to say, and that he is not to put her on display. The song’s lyrics became an inspiration for younger women and are sometimes cited as a factor in the second wave feminist movement. Gore said, «My take on the song was: I’m 17, what a wonderful thing, to stand up on a stage and shake your finger at people and sing you don’t own me.«

Above you have the version included in Suicide Squad to introduce the character of Harley Quinn in jail; it’s a cover by Australian singer Grace, with that stinking rap by G-Eazy that defiles the song. Below you have the original song by Lesley Gore, with the lyrics in English and the translation into Castilian (most recommended).

2 comentarios en “You don’t owe me

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  2. Lesley Gore’s song talks about how no boyfriend has to tell you how you should be or act. In the song she is asking that when she goes out with the boy she wants to do what she wants. Basically doesn’t want to be controlled. I agree with what the song says because we have to do what we want, being in a relationship or not

    Me gusta

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