[1BCH] Task 200329

Aquí tenéis tres extractos de tres artículos para acostumbrarnos a leer la prensa en inglés. Exponen un enfoque distinto sobre el origen del Coronavirus y, lo que es peor, su objetivo. Podéis escucharlos aquí. Tras leerlos y entenderlos, haced la siguiente task.

TASK: Briefly explain your opinion down here. You must do it before the end of March, 31. But you can keep on debating after that date.

(Some possible questions: Is this Coronavirus a biological weapon? Has it been used by Trump in his commercial war against China? Are we living the beginning of World War III? Is it just a means of controlling the population by fear? Are mass media objective and reliable?)

The coronavirus outbreak has been accompanied by the circulation of many conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus, which were published, inter alia, in the Arab media and especially in the Palestinian media.[1] While Palestinian Authority (PA) government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem said that the PA is taking measures against the virus in coordination and collaboration with Israel,[2] some in the Palestinian media accused Israel and the U.S. of spreading the coronavirus in the world for various reasons: in order to weaken China and Iran, to help Trump’s reelection campaign and/or to facilitate Israel’s takeover of the region.

The following are excerpts from three such articles

•Writer In Palestinian Al-Quds Daily: The Coronavirus – A Biological Weapon Employed By U.S. and Israel Against China and Iran

According to Rasem ‘Abidat, an activist of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and a columnist for the Palestinian daily Al-Quds, based in East Jerusalem, the coronavirus is a biological weapon that the U.S. and Israel decided to employ against China and Iran after failing to harm them by conventional means.  He wrote: «As part of the era of globalization and barbaric capitalism, which considers nothing but its own interests and profits and is willing to objectify people and trample them, a heated conflict is currently raging between the U.S. – the emblem of barbaric capitalism and monopolizing cartels… [cartels] whose role is to preserve its interests and global economic dominance – and China, which, as a rising economic [player], aspires to become the world’s leading economic superpower within the next ten years, and [thus] poses a serious threat to the American economy and interests. The U.S. tried to stop China’s momentum by imposing tariffs on Chinese imports, but China prevented this by responding with similar sanctions… Hence, the intelligence circles, the tycoons and the mafia of the large American military and commercial monopolies had to seek a new way to defeat the Chinese economy…   

«Iran is another permanent source of concern for the U.S., because, despite America’s withdrawal from the deal on Iran’s nuclear program, and despite the economic sanctions on Iran, which are unprecedented in human history… the pressures and siege only increased Iran’s determination and its adherence to its positions, and enhanced its power and regional influence, with the support of allies such as Syria, the Lebanese Hizbullah, the Iraqi Al-Hashd Al-Sha’bi, the Houthis in Yemen and the Palestinian resistance forces. This harms America’s interests and plans in the region, which are based on… dismembering and reconfiguring its countries along religious and sectarian lines, so as to make Israel the regional leader and ensure its [continued] survival. 

«Faced with these dangers – an American loss of global military and economic hegemony and a threat to Israel’s existence – Israel and the U.S. had no choice… but to resort to biological weapons, for the economic solutions and military options were unable to halt China’s advance and its economic takeover of the world. The sanctions on Iran likewise failed to prevent its consolidation as a regional power. This begs the question: Did the U.S. and Israel choose the option of [waging] biological warfare by spreading the coronavirus, which can deliver a decisive blow to China and Iran, on the assumption that this would lead to China’s economic retreat and collapse and also undermine Iran while destabilizing its domestic economy and security, enabling to defeat it from within?…»[3]  

•Palestinian Journalist: The American Elite Is Exploiting Corona To Reprogram The Global Economy For The Benefit Of The U.S.

‘Abd Al-Muwati Al-Sadeq, who writes on the Palestinian Amad website, affiliated with the camp of Muhammad Dahlan, said that the deep state that controls the U.S. is using the virus as a biological weapon to reprogram the world economy, neutralize its economic rival China, and destroy the economies of the other world countries. He wrote: «First, let me say that I am convinced that the coronavirus is a dangerous epidemic that may endanger humanity if it spreads and cannot be controlled. [Furthermore], I am one of the people who believe in the conspiracy theory and are convinced that there is a Deep State controlling most of the events in the world. Even if we assume, for the sake of argument, that this cursed virus was not manufactured in American labs, I am sure that the Deep State that controls the U.S. made the most of its appearance, in order to wage a vicious war against the economies of the world, especially those of China, Iran, Russia and Europe, so as to reprogram the world economy, remove the Chinese Dragon from the arena of economic competition, and destroy the economies of the rest of the countries…

«The best proof of this is the media’s inflation [of the epidemic], which is meant to sow fear by reporting on the spread of the virus and to cause most countries to take measures that increase the panic, [all] in compliance with the instructions of the World Health Organization, which is itself part of the Deep State. These measures have caused the states that were targeted [by this plot] to lose billions of dollars. It is a known fact that the medical reports and statistics show that the death rate from this virus is much lower than that of other epidemics, both viral and non-viral. For example, according to international reports, the number of people who die of hunger [in the world] is 28,000 a day.»[4]

•Article On Palestinian Website: The Mossad and CIA are spreading the virus to benefit Israel and president Trump

As’ad Al-Zouni, a Jordanian journalist of Palestinian origin who frequently writes antisemitic and conspiratorial articles,[5]  wrote on the Palestinian news website Dunya Al-Watan that the Jews and the CIA are responsible for spreading the virus: «[The emergence of] the coronavirus, which is spreading throughout the world… and which appeared in China the very same day the contractor President Trump signed a trade agreement with this giant country, cannot be regarded as a completely random event. This is especially since the American media machine, which is directed by the Zionists, treats the whole affair as a deal. Perhaps the spread of the [virus] in 46 American states happened after the contractor Trump displayed indifference to the situation and told the Americans: ‘Don’t worry, it’s not serious, it will blow over.’

«This virus is surely an outcome of the Jews’ concealed hatred for the entire world, and its spread in the U.S. is meant to demonstrate this and to serve as a weapon for the contractor Trump in the upcoming election, so as to ensure his reelection in return for the [favors] he bestowed upon the colony of Israel, the Khazar, Zionist, Jewish terrorist [entity]. Chief of [these favors] were the Deal of the Century, [and measures and statements regarding] Jerusalem, the Golan and the settlements. When the Jews ignited the conflagration of World War I, they won the Balfour Declaration, and when they started the conflagration of World War II, they won the establishment of their Khazar colony in Palestine. [Now] they want to start the conflagration of a third [world] war, in order to declare the establishment of the greater Jewish kingdom of Israel – and here we are, living in an atmosphere of a third world war, in which the military and political horizons of the regional and domestic conflicts are sealed, while the economic stagnation grows worse by the day due to rising prices and the political stagnation.  

«Not long ago, the Jews tried to ignite a war between Iran and the U.S. by causing severe tension in the Gulf, which, in one of its forms, reached the point of assassinating the commander of the [Qods Force] in [Iran’s] Islamic Revolutionary Guards Force, Qassem Soleimani. This was preceded by several other clashes that almost started [World] War III, but the rationality of the decision-makers in Iran and the U.S. prevented this. Following this failure, the Israeli Mossad, in collaboration with the CIA, sent the coronavirus to China, to mitigate the Americans’ anger with Trump and prevent it from causing him to lose the [upcoming presidential elections]… I reveal no secret when I say that the virus was spread in Italy as an act of revenge against it, for recently signing trade agreements and understandings with China…»[6]

[1] On conspiracy theories about the coronavirus in the Arab press, see MEMRI reports: Special Dispatch No. 8541 – Arab Writers: The Coronavirus Is Part Of Biological Warfare Waged By The U.S. Against China – February 6, 2020; Special Dispatch No. 8644, Conspiracy Theories In The Arab Media: The Coronavirus Is Part Of An American Plot To Ruin The Chinese Economy And Reprogram The Global Economy, March 18, 2020; Clip No. 7885 – Jordanian International Law Expert Faisal Al-Khozae: COVID-19 Was Manufactured by America, Which Also Manufactured the AIDS, Swine Flu, SARS, and Anthrax Viruses – March 16, 2020.

[2] Wafa.ps, March 17, 2020.

[3] Al-Quds (East Jerusalem), March 17, 2020.

[4] Amad.ps, march 12, 2020.

[5] See e.g., the following MEMRI reports: Special Dispatch No. 5945 – Arab Media Reactions To Paris Terror Attacks – Part IV: Conspiracy Theories – The Paris Attacks Are The Work Of France, The French Right, The Jews, Israel – January 25, 2015; Special Dispatch No. 5727 – Jordanian Journalist: Israel Sends Boars And Mice To Jordan In Order To Ruin The Agriculture – May 1, 2014; Special Dispatch No. 5278 – Jordanian Journalist: The Jews And The American Right Are Behind Boston Bombing, Just As They Were Behind 9/11 – April 18, 2013; Special Dispatch No. 4704, Jordanian Writer: The Talmud Instructs the Jews To Use Christian Blood To Make Matzas – May 7, 2012; Special Dispatch No. 4323 – Columnist in Jordanian Daily: Jews and Peace Are Incompatible; ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Is ‘Proof That They [Work] To Prevent Peace’ – November 29, 2011.

[6] Pulpit.alwatanvoice.com, March 16, 2020.

21 comentarios en “[1BCH] Task 200329

  1. Right now we do not know well what the origin of the coronavirus is, there are many theories, such as that it is an ancient Chinese disease that is expanding at this time, or that it is a conspiracy by the United States to govern the world economy. I do not think that this is the reason why the third world war can be unleashed, but if Trump continues for a long time as president, it is possible that at some point he will unleash it, but more than nuclear, it will be an economic war. Also, I don’t think that what we are experiencing is a way of controlling ourselves through fear. They might want to control us, but if it were through fear, they wouldn’t give us that much.

    Me gusta

  2. My opinion about the Coronavirus is that there has to be something behind this epidemic.
    I think that this is another type of war that is hurting us all, because we can’t do a normal life, also it’s producing crisis in many parts of the world. There also many deaths, job losses and pay drops. This virus leaves us at home and also we are being controlled by the great forces.
    In summary, I think that this is a war but without weapons.

    Me gusta

  3. In my opinion , the quickly spread of the virus, has implied that the coronavirus has been designed as a biological weapon, since for decades , the use of these has been developed.
    This virus has led to the world population being afraid and being controlled.
    On the other hand , the media and governments don´t tell the whole thruth and I think that many things are being hidden from us.

    Me gusta

  4. My opinion about this is a simply virus. It is a new and strong virus that nobody knew. If this virus was a Chemical weapon would be more lethal, and it was unstoppable. One of the big problems of this pandemic is that the political leaders have not known how dangerous was the COD-VID 19. We can’t affirm that this is a terrorist attack because all the great powers in the world are affect. In conclusion the COD-VID 19 is a powerful virus but it isn’t an chemical weapon.

    Me gusta

  5. 1. Is this coronavirus a biological weapon?
    Yes, because the chinese economy is ascending and aspires to become the world’s leading economic superpower, this is a theat for the economy and interest of United States, and also Irán is worrying for United States because when Irán improved its power and regional influence, this hurt the interests and plans if United States in the region.
    2. Has It been used by Trump in his commercial war against China?
    No, this virus is os surely the result of the hidden hatred of Jews worldwide and it’s spread un the United States is intended yo demostrate this and serve as a weapon for contractor Trump in the upcoming elections.
    3. Are we living the beginning of world war III?
    According yo this article we are living the world war III created by the Jews for declare the establishment of the great Jewish kingdom if Israel.
    4. Is It just a means of controlling the population by fear?
    No,because the coronavirus is causing a decline un the economy of our country.
    5. Are mass media objetive and reliable?
    No, during this quarantine our WhatsApp groups are full of false news about the coronavirus.

    Me gusta

  6. Coronavirus is a disease that has become a pandemic. There are many theories about this illness; It´s an atack of USA to China, It´s an biological weapon created in chinese laboratories or even that aliens have brought it. In my opinion this pandemic is simply a disease that will dissappear. But also I think that the government isn´t telling us everything, beacuse there many deaths in a short period of time and this deaths usually are in aged population, and these people have to be maintained by the state.
    I don´t know what is happening, but stay at home and follow medical recomendations, for that this ends as quickly as possible.

    Me gusta

  7. I don’t really know what to think about the coronavirus.
    First of all, It’s certainly strange that the origin of the virus isn’t clear and there are many unknowns about this. It’s also rare to me that the media have talked so much about this virus from the beginning. If the symptoms are so soft and it is rarely fatal, why be so afraid then? Aren’t there other ills much worse?
    Some theories talk about an economic war against China, others say that China released it from a laboratory to reduce its population and now sell us the vaccine, just to name some of them.
    None of them seems impossible to me at all and that’s why I don’t know exactly which one accept. Which I do think for sure, it’s that there is something weird and clearly wrong.

    Me gusta

  8. I think that if there was a third world war, there would be no tanks. In fact, we could be experiencing the start of the third world war, because nowadays we are not going to see tanks. In my view coronavirus is created in a laboratory. Logically we cannot trust the media, but we must see the official sources.
    Finally, we can have a good data of this virus pollution has dropped a lot.

    Me gusta

  9. I think that this Coronavirus is a biological weapon to start a Third World War, which we have been suffering for years, and to weaken the entire economy.
    From my point of view, reading and analyzing what was previously written, this is done on purpose by the United States and Israel to weaken the Chinese economy and ensure Trump’s reelection.
    The media is lying to us, making us believe that it is the Chinese who have created the Covid 19, when it is not.
    The Coronavirus pandemic in Italy is like revenge for signing agreements with the Chinese economy.
    This pandemic is very dangerous, because it spreads rapidly, but it has less mortality than in previous pandemics

    Me gusta

  10. There’s a lot of theories about the appearance of coronavirus. In my opinion it’s not a EE UU war against China, why would they endanger the health of their own country? Considering that in EE UU there are more cases than China. Is it a little strange that if this appeared on China, there are fewer cases than un many countries?

    Me gusta

  11. In my opinion, we can’t know why this virus has started because the origin of coronavirus is unknown and there isn’t a theory or a proof that confirm the origin of the virus. I think that all those theories about United States against China or more theories of a possible conspiration using the virus are false because coronavirus is a dangerous disease that can affect everyone wherever they are and United States is not interested in harm all the countries. I also think that all those articles have been written to control the minds of the people or just to make the press that wrote the article more famous. Definitely that virus is a global problem and we must to be patient and worry more about the situation of everyday than about the origin.

    Me gusta

  12. I think that this virus is not a weapon but I think that the social media are giving it a lot of importance and this is causing us to forget other things. For example in the news they don’t talk about murders or politics, they talk all the day about corona virus. This is important? Obviously, a lot of people die. But the people die for other diseases all days and nobody talks about it. In my opinion this is to we only focus on corona virus and forget about the rest that could be more important even that’s happening.

    Me gusta

  13. In my opinion, the coronavirus has been an American strategy to advance China as a world power at a productive and economic level. But this is a theory but it is not the only one, in my opinion it is the most correct.

    Me gusta

  14. My opinion of covid-19 is that it is a disease create by the Government, with the intention of sttoping the pollution and reduce the climate change. Asia is the most polluted continent in the world and the coronavirus comes from here, Coincident? From China it has spread throghout the world causing the coronavirus are a globak pandemic. In conclusion I think that all tha Governments spoke to each other fot lauch the covid-19 and all countries to help to reduction of climate change.

    Me gusta

  15. Coronavirus has caused the creation of many theories, some of them are logical and likely to be true but there are others that are very difficult to believe. One of them says that the spreading of Coronavirus has a purpose: generate benefit by creating fear. When people are scared, it is possible to control them, giving them confidence by the government through the media. The media don´t contribute to calm the chaos in our society, they only create more confusion about the situation. This is, in my opinion, an option that is very likely to be true. I have no idea who are the people benefited from this situation, but possibly they are people that we see every day, precisely in the media.
    Maybe the possibility that Coronavirus is a biological weapon linked to economic conflicts between the main global powers is not zero, but I believe more in the first option.

    Me gusta

  16. As of today, we don’t know the origin of the virus. There are some theories that are based on conspiracies between governments, like the one in the post. Honestly, this situation is surreal. The government forces us to be locked up at home, unable to leave, while television programs poison us with their false news.
    What is the reality of all this? What are the “real news”?

    Unfortunately, television informs us of those things they want us to know.They may or may not be true.
    The origin of the coronavirus is totally unknown to all of us. Although what is published in this magazine is quite logical, we cannot assure you that it is true.

    Me gusta

  17. We cannot judge or name with complete certainty a culprit for the spread of the virus as this could be just another speculation just like those that are committed daily.
    There is also no objective evidence or data to do so. As credible as it may sound or try to demonstrate, as we have read in the article in which China becomes the most powerful economic superpower in the world and the US has supposedly emitted this virus to destroy the economies of many countries in particular. with this, it cannot be affirmed. It does not remove the possibility that this is true. Although in my opinion, I do not think that this pandemic is a biological weapon and even less that Donald Trum has used it in his trade war against China, as much as this guy is not very sane of the head.
    Who knows if we are witnessing the beginning of a second world war right now, like this previous aspect is unpredictable. But, we all know that this virus is going to have negative consequences for everyone, such as the stagnation and recession of the economies of each country, banks … In addition to the serious problems that are occurring throughout the world, such as that of The US and Iran, this could involve some other country, and little by little end up triggering another war.
    What we are experiencing today is not a method of controlling the population out of fear, the media hide thousands of facts from us, falsify news, and do much more to create problems, and that the population is unaware of. This is how they follow up while manipulating us and doing what they want with us, they are not reliable at all.
    Enviar comentarios

    Me gusta

  18. In my view, the coronavirus is not a biological weapon, nor is it the beginning of World War III.
    This virus started in China, but we don’t know what causes it, there are several theories that we don’t know if they are true or false. But we do know that it can spread rapidly, causing 938,000 people are suffering his effects. For this reason, if it were a Trump biological weapon against China and Irán, we would be talking about an epidemic, since it would only affect those two regions. But the coronavirus is a global pandemic, so it is not a biological weapon or anything like that. It is just a virus

    Me gusta

  19. From my point of view the coronavirus was born due to the few health measures of the market in china, in my opinion I don’t think about the origin of the virus I’m focus on the evolution of it, because for my new viruses born everyday and that is inevitable, but is in our hands the decision of how to aproach it.

    Me gusta

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