[1ESO] Spot the mistake

Tomorrow, we’ll correct these sentences as a way of reviewing the contents we learnt along the first term of the year. You can already work on them… 😁

01.- I don’t have a hat blue. That isn’t my.

02.- She can plays the piano very good.

03.- Dogs are beautiful but cats not me like.

04.- The bicycle of Alice is on the garage.

05.- Has you got the hair brown?

06.- David use the computer just now.

07.- You like the dress new?

08.- There aren’t trees in that streets.

09.- There is much people in the party.

10.- I usually reading the paper all the mornings.

11.- The film finish at nine and quarter.

12.- This is the twelfth sentence.

13.- The hotel is more safe that the city streets.

14.- Spring is the goodest season for visit Japan.

15.- She have a car for eight peoples.

16.- Yours brothers are as tall how that traffic signal.

17.- We don’t never watch football partys on TV.

18.- Ateca is more big and more pretty that Ariza.

19.- The time was very bad: all day was raining.

20.- She’s much nervious because she’s got a exam.


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