3 pensamientos en “[1BCH] An informal email

  1. Subject: Joining my school.

    Hi Lucas,

    I´ve heard you´re going to join our school, so happy for that, so I want to tell you a little bit about my school.
    At first, our school isn´t too big, so it´s easy to find your class if you´re lost, this is something I like about my school. There aren´t many people, so classes aren´t crowded, could which can help you to concentrate at in class or get more help from your teacher. It may be difficult to make friends but I´m here, so don´t worry. In my school, mobile phones are prohibited, I guess you´ve already known that, but there aren´t many rules, like in other schools. There is a thing I guess you´ll like and this is teachers don´t give us a lot of homework; as I see it, it´s good because I have more time for study at home. And this is my school, hope you´ll like it.

    See you soon!

    Me gusta

  2. Nice to write to you, when I saw your name in the email I was happy.
    How about the beginning of lessons? Mine is great, my high school is small but it is bigger than others, the classes are approximately 20 students. There are many rules but not all us accomplish them.Unfortunately we don’t have extracurricular activities, but the trips we do are very funny.
    I have a lot of very cool subjects my favorites are history and English.
    The high school is near my house, about five minutes walk.
    Hope to see you soon, your best friend, Alba.

    Me gusta


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