[1BCH] WB «Check your progress» 01


1.1. time
1.2. a lot
1.3. don’t know
1.4. write a book report
1.5. violence

2.1. punished
2.2. turned round
2.3. revised
2.4. obeyed
2.5. dropped out
2.6. skipped classes

3.1. extra-curricular activities
3.2. compulsory
3.3. demanding
3.4. acquire
3.5. pay attention
3.6. challenges
3.7. achieve

4.1. have…started
4.2. broke down, were taking, gave
4.3. has been working, has ordered
4.4. applied, had known, wanted, don’t feel

5.1. got to school 15 minutes after the exam had started
5.2. school hasn’t been offering music classes for a year
5.3. don’t often skip classes
5.4. next bus will be here in three minutes
5.5. was listening to music while I was walking home
5.6. haven’t gone to the cinema since June
5.7. hadn’t studied French until last week

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