[1BCH] The Masque of the Red Death

[RCW02] El segundo texto de nuestro «Writing Plan«, un cuento corto del genio de la literatura de terror psicológico, Edgar Allan Poe, muy apropiado para estos tiempos… 😈

•Your task: a personal comment on your opinion about the story, what it suggested to you and/or the feelings you had when reading it. [Extension: @100 words. Deadline: Sunday, 16 of January at 23:59]

•You have the text on the blog here. You can download it in PDF format here, with a brief vocabulary. Y aquí lo tenéis en castellano, para que no os molestéis en buscar… 😏

•Last but not least: a short film and the complete movie.

7 comentarios en “[1BCH] The Masque of the Red Death

  1. This film is very thorough,and interesting, I like how the red death’s aspect caused terror to people, In addition it have a lot of details and scenes very curious and beautiful, and I like it because this film have a tragic end, with scenes terrifying.
    The first thing that caught me the atencion is the expression of the people seeing a person dress up different from they. how it caused panic, and how it took the death how something as normal, that can kill all world and notting happens, It show how someone kill the persons, who wanted kill him, is how the refran ‘’ you receive what you give’’.
    This film is for distracting a little bit, but the end hook you,
    I recommend it is very good.

    Me gusta

  2. In my view, the story is great but it is a little hard to understand, because we can find difficult and unknown words for me.
    It is a psychological horror story.
    In addition to this, I had never read a story like this. However I had ever watched some horror films. Moreover I thought that the films were more scared than the horror books but now my opinion has changed, so this story has surprised me. Overall, when Edgar Allan Poe spoke about the castellated abbeys.
    In conclusion,when I started reading the story I couldn’t imagine this final. When I have already read about the masked ball I could suspect of the deaths. For instance the Prince’s death.

    Me gusta

  3. In my opinion, this short story reminds me a bit of covid-19, because it talks about a plague and how people are isolated from the world.
    I also find the ending a bit peculiar, since it is not a very happy ending for the prince, but this ending makes it interesting at the same time. Since the prince is very determined to fight against the mask and it ends up winning.
    It amuses me how they force musicians to play knowing how the situation is there.
    In conclusion, I thought it was a good story, with a very interesting plot. It intrigues you to know what is going to happen at all times.

    Me gusta

  4. The Masque of the Red Death, is an interesting and terrifying short story. I found it entertaining but when you start reading it you can guess how it will end, and like I have thought the story has ended with the death of everyone.
    It’s a story that makes you want to continue reading it so it doesn’t get boring. In my opinion, the story made me feel suspenseful at times because it explained the data really well.
    In conclusion, the story is good and it is a story that could be read with different ages, this story can be read by younger and older people.And it reminds me of some stories that people tell for dates like Halloween or some similar days.

    Me gusta

  5. This story has many reasons to be a classic, the descriptions, the ambience and, of course, that ending, showing how, no matter who you are, nobody can escape from the Death or the ilness forever.
    Also, we can’t just ignore some similarities witn the actual scenario with the global pandemic and the covid-19, or the strong division between social classes with the prince and all his friends hiding in a masive castle while the rest of population were dying, like in the real life when some multimillonaire hid in masive bunkers with hundreds of luxuries.
    In conclusion, no matter how old the story is, its a reflection of whats happening.

    Me gusta

  6. The Mask of the Red Death, seemed like an interesting short story to me, since we are going througha pandemic today.
    On the other hand, i find interesting to know how people live with a pandemic and the measures the use in previous years. Also the Prince is an example of people who are very obsessed with the virus thinking that they won’t get infected and end up getting infected. In addiction, luckly this virus doesn’t kill us first.
    In conclusion, this story makes us realize that at home we aren’t safe either, but that we can also get infected.

    Me gusta

  7. It is a story that you can understand and see a lot of different things but one of the most important is that the story say that no matter how you are or who you are, you won´t escape from the read death.
    And even I think this is something is happening now in our society, there are a lot of things that do people to have two or more «groups» and there are a lot of things that try to separate our community in groups that have differents status, like the prince and his friends in the history.
    It is a good story, but it could have more than one ways to be understanded , because you can think that is like our world with a lot of social groups with a different social status but even so, no matter how or who you are, yo go to the same place but not at the same time.
    It was a little bit difficult to understand for me but I liked it.

    Me gusta

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