[1BCH] V for Vendetta

Ayer decidimos en clase que podríamos aprovechar esta semana de «vacaciones» extra que os han dado a la mayoría para practicar y ver otra peli, ya que el contenido de este tema ya está explicado y hemos corregido los ejercicios.

Podéis seguir trabajando y repasando con los posts del blog (aquí y aquí, por ejemplo) y consultar cualquier duda por email, antes del repaso del día 25.

V for Vendetta is a 2006 dystopian political thriller action film directed by James McTeigue and written by the Wachowskis, set in an alternative future where a totalitarian regime has subjugated the United Kingdom.

The film centers on V (portrayed by Hugo Weaving), an anarchist and masked freedom fighter who attempts to start a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, while Natalie Portman plays Evey, a young working-class woman caught up in V’s mission and Stephen Rea portrays a detective leading a desperate quest to stop V.

You can ask Mr Onion for the link to download it or watch it on line. (English original version subtitled in Spanish)

Your task:
Write a comment (down here) about your thoughts or your personal feelings after watching this film. Deadline: February the 5th, at 23:59.
Extension: min. 100 words.

14 comentarios en “[1BCH] V for Vendetta

  1. ‘V the vendetta’ it is a very good and hard-working science ficcion movie, with a lot of drama, and V is an unique character that isn’t seen in many films,

    Is an film for having you think, I like it beacuse V has corauge for face on the shitty sistem that we have, also it is a way to reflect that the system is destroyed itself, as V is a letal machine created for theyself, that went ‘wrong’, since it came out against theyself, instead of a machine that will help them with the war,.

    I like this film because grabbed my atencion, is very entretaining, and the love history is very beautifulll, since the girls falls in love with him, only with his interior, something that don’t happened in the real life.

    Me gusta

  2. After seeing the film i think that this character fights against a dictator to return the rights to the England society.

    In my point of view, i agree with V because he wants to get a society fairer and with less corruption. Moreover, when i saw this film i had two different feelings. On the one hand, i felt depressed because it is unfair that people have to live in a dictatorial system. On the other hand, I felt happy because there are people willing to fight by rights of population .

    In my opinion, this character called V is an example for everyone. If everybody does the same, dictatorship in the world will disappear.

    Me gusta

  3. At first this film didn’t catch my attention, and I saw it like any other science fiction movie. But as I was advancing I realized the subliminal messages that there were, which are in reference to the situation that we are experiencing now of oppression.
    “V” represents Guy Fawkes, who on November 5, 1605, died in a tunnel filled with gunpowder. For this reason, in the film we see how the character of V comes out of the flames and wants to blow up the parliament, for everything they did to him before.
    In this film several themes are mentioned, like the power of persuasion of the media. In the film, the government is using the main network of the country to hide the reality from its citizens and encourage, it is also seen how they use fear to control the population…

    The film has a good message, mixing humor with reality. It makes you open your eyes, and more with the situation we are experiencing.

    Me gusta

  4. In this futuristic film, there is dictatorship and a charcter whose role is to end this system, the name of this character is V.

    V is a man who wears black clothes and mask, so as not to give away his identity, but de goverment is anxious to discover it, V meets Evey who although she doesen´t know his face, become his best ally. Despite the fact that politicians wouls try to stop V, he managed to blow up the parliament, but he died on the spot.

    In my opinios this is a very good film and the best charater is V.

    Me gusta

  5. Like Ideocracy, the message and meaning of this movie is clear as water, even more than the last one.

    First, lets talk about how the movie shows how a dictatorship can be born, with a country with a crisis of some kind, mainly economic but in this case releated with a pandemic, and, sudendly, came out of nowhere a charismatic leader with the solutions that everyone was expecting and then, of course, he becomes the one and only ruler of the country and his word becomes the law.

    Also, in the other side, we have V, the absolute opposite, being someone that fought until the end for the freedom of the country and to make the world a better place.

    Me gusta

  6. I found V for Vendetta to be a very interesting film as it deals with some somewhat contentious issues, such as rebelling against the government.
    On the one hand it reminded me of a few months ago when there was a curfew, since in the film there was also.
    And on the other hand this when V «forces» Evey to stay in a house to be safe, I found the situation a bit weird.
    Although at the end of the film I liked it when V explodes the tower, because you see how in the end it manages to rebel against the government.
    In my opinion V did very well to rebel against something he didn’t like.

    Me gusta

  7. In my opinion, V for Vendetta is an old movie but today you can see very similar things.
    Some of the things that are similar to the movie and the reality is that there is a lot of corruption, but as it also happens in real life there are people who fight against it. In addition, the curfew has caught my attention because in the last three years we have been hearing about it and living with it because of covd-19.
    Finally, I found it very entertaining and I think that if many people saw it now it would happen to them as it did to me and they would relate many things to what we live today.

    Me gusta

  8. From my point of view, this film teaches us all that it is possible to fight for the rights of citizens.

    The character V, everything he does is done with a good intention and is to end the dictatorial system that exists in the English population and with corruption. I like the movie because the citizens are unhappy with his actions, but throughout the movie he will be like a hero to the citizens.

    In my opinion, we must fight for a better world and that justice punishes all those who were completely dominated by greed. Always recommended.

    Me gusta

  9. I am going to write about the film called V for Vendetta.
    Firstly, when I saw the film, I thought that I would not like to live in that circumstances. Unfortunately, it may occur in the future.
    In relation to the film, it deals with a person whose name is V, he always wears a mask, so he is anonymous. Moreover, the main character disagree with the situation of his country.
    Furthermore, the government broadcast fake news which remember me at the present because nowadays there are a lot of fake news which are published by news media.
    In addition to this, V created a virus in order to have power over the government. Thus, this situation remember me at the currently.
    In conclusion, the film is similar to the real life.


    Me gusta

  10. V de vendetta presents a Great Britain immersed in totalitarianism, a nation governed in a despotic and inhuman way. The story follows Evey, a young working-class woman who is rescued by V, a masked man convinced that the town can be freed. His fight is against the corruption and cruelty of the rulers. Although his movement aims to end the evils that have put people under oppression, he also wants to take revenge for some events in his past.

    Me gusta

  11. “V the vendetta” is a film that tells us how the government is using source of communication to manipulate citizens and to be able to control them.
    “V” forces a Even to stay at home to be safe form government control snd mot to be found ,so the government won’t be able to convince her. Besides, “V” fights for the freedom of your country at the end.
    To sum up, this film shows the reality of what id happening tous today.

    Me gusta

  12. After watching the film that I at the begining I didn’t like bad as I thought . V tryes to defeat a dictador to save the British citizens and return the freedom to this country.
    In my opinion, we should try that no one puts barriers, I dont like to live in a world like that, If we didn’t have freedom, we should be prisioners of the sistem. V is perfect example to as to folow, he doesn’t show her face and the governament doesn’t like it. Is a model fact to not to lose his dignity. This is the plot of the film and for me it is very well. This is the best fact that could do for the British freedom.

    I’m looking forward to watching more films like this.

    Me gusta

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