[4ESO][1BCH] In Time

In 2169, people are genetically engineered to stop aging on their 25th birthday, when a one-year countdown on their forearm begins. When it reaches zero, the person «times out» and dies instantly. Time has thus become the universal currency, transferred directly between people or stored in «time capsules». Several major areas called Time Zones exist within Ohio: Dayton is the poorest, a manufacturing «ghetto» where people rarely have more than 24 hours on their clocks; in New Greenwich, people have enough time to be essentially immortal.

What are your personal impressions about the film?

You must write a short composition about it to be read later in class. If that is not possible, you can write it down here as a comment.

If you want to see it again, ask me for a link by email.

3 comentarios en “[4ESO][1BCH] In Time

  1. In time is a film I saw years ago, but not in english, a d when I was a kid.
    Watching the film again has helped me remember how twisted it was. I have already watched filma of this gente. For example Matrix use the sale theme, another reality, where everything as we know is different.
    But this film has especially caught mu attention because it relates time to social clases and quality of life.
    I hadn’t mentioned it, but the main caracteres are like a Robin Hood, they steak time, and give it to the poor.
    To be honest I think they have the role of heroes in the film, not like the high social classes that represses the poor.
    In my view this film is a very good option to watch during tour adolescence because it teaches you the value of time.

    Me gusta

  2. Is this film science fiction, or a metaphor for the current system?
    Today, money is as important in our lives as the time we have left to live.
    In a capitalist system, people who have no money have no freedoms either, but they have
    more difficulties in their lives. If they take away your freedom, and also make you
    submissive, punishing you when you are not part of their system, where is your life? You are
    simply a machine that has been made to believe that your only life is to be useful.
    In this film, they didn’t need to create false thinking for anyone, they knew that if their lives
    were not useful, they would die. But both in the film and in real life, the tendency is for some
    to be above others, and those at the top of the pyramid enjoy their lives by stepping on the
    lives of others, and that group of people is a minority, who have greater freedoms than
    everyone else, but they see to it that the majority of people continue to have less, so that
    their system works the way they want it to. For example, in the film, the people who were on
    top had a large amount of life time saved up so that there would be more poverty and their
    system could function.
    At the end of the film, the protagonists decide to steal time to give it to the people.
    An action which makes no sense, as in the future, prices for everything would most likely be
    raised. The sensible thing to do would have been to end the use of that time, but how?

    Me gusta

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