[1BCH] 3rd term “Writing”

You have two options, an opinion essay and a report of an event, from which you have to choose one:

  1. Alcohol is also a drug. Should it be banned?
  2. Write a short report about the “Peace Day” celebration in your high school.

Remember: you have to write about 100 words (between 80 and 120) down here as a commentary and the deadline is tomorrow Sunday (May 15th) at seven o’clock in the evening (19:00).

You should review the pages 152 and following of your textbook, where you’ll find interesting writing tips and text models. You can also check this post on our blog.

Cheers and do your best!

21 comentarios en “[1BCH] 3rd term “Writing”

  1. The peace day in my high school

    Last 14th May was celebrated the peace day in our high school. Everyone was reunited to send a peace message to all the world and to hope for the end of the war in Ukraine.
    All the students and the teacher of the highschool drew a human dove in the playground with coloured papers in our hands. in addition a photo was taken to be uploaded to the social networks with hashtags supporting Ukraine. Furthermore, it was a really social moment of coexistence.
    To sum up, this is an important event to ask for peace in the world and to demand the end of all the wars.

    Me gusta

  2. On Friday, May 13th, my high school celebrated the day of peace. All the students went down to the playground, and there we formed a sign of peace, which carried the colors of the Ukrainian flag, for the war.

    I believe that it isn’t necessary to do something like this for the day of peace, since with it nobody comes out ahead. In addition, the students missed class for a simple photo which isn’t going to help peace arrive.

    To sum up, war isn’t fixed by putting up any flag and taking a picture of it. Peace is educated in classrooms, and if we dedicate ourselves to doing these things I don’t think we’ll get there.

    Me gusta

  3. All of us actually know that alcohol is something really bad, some people consume it as a lifestyle, but other people hate it. We know that it produces some bad effects in our body, and we are conscious of it. Like marijuana or cocaine this is also a drug so, do you think this should be banned?
    In my opinion, going to a bar and have a beer or a drink is no so bad and we can do it but always with control and with a limit. The people who has a problem with it may take care and control the consume he or she has.
    If you have a health problem, you may have it banned so you can´t have more problems and you can be healthy.
    In conclusion, alcohol shouldn´t be banned if you are perfectly healthy. You might always take care and be responsible of your acts when you are drunk.

    Me gusta

  4. Today, a lot of people drink some alcohol every day after working. Moreover, some teenagers drink alcohol at the weekends when they go out to party. In my opinion alcohol is a drug allowed to the government.

    First of all if some people drink alcohol every day, they could become addicted and they will need help to stop drinking. In addition, a lot of teenagers drink alcohol without control at weekends to fun themselves. However, they aren’t aware of health problems which they can have in the future. Alcoholic people develop some problems to have a normal life in the work or at home.

    I think that any drug should be allowed if people could consume it with control. But how this is very difficult, the best is to ban the alcohol.

    Me gusta

  5. Is alcohol a drug?
    We know that alcohol isn’t very good for our body and for our health. But, is this a drug?
    Well, as I see it, it isn’t a drug for me because I can control myself and I know when is the time to stop drinking. I don’t think about it all the day like other people do with another type of drugs, maybe alcohol is a drug for other people who can’t stop thinking about it and when they start, they can’t stop, which is a serious problem I think.
    Eventually, I think alcohol isn’t a drug for people who can control themselves, and I think It shouldn’t be banned.

    Me gusta

  6. Last friday our school organized an activity that didn’t last five minutes. Consisted of forming the symbol of peace at the playground, but it was a symbol of peace with the colors of the flag of Ukraine.
    In my point of view, it was ridiculous. Doing a symbol of peace wasn’t going to change anything. They were just going to take a photo and post it on their Instagram.
    One of the things that I don’t like is why they just do the colors of the ukrainian flag, it isn’t the only country in the world that is at war right now. There are many wars at the moment, in Siria, in Yemen, in Afganistán, in Palestine…
    I decided not to participate in the activity, me and other students. There was a teacher that was talking with my friend and it was trying to justify why they just use the ukrainian flags. And she said that it was a war in Europe. And I asked myself, if it is the day of peace, which is celebrated worldwide, why only one European country?
    It was a very unnecessary activity.

    Me gusta

  7. The alcohol has been a legal drug widely consumed for many years until today. You will wonder why I say that it is a legal drug. And it is that alcohol shares many effects with drugs called illegal.
    The fact that it is legal means that people at a very young age can get it regardless of the restrictions, but by banning alcohol, the only thing that would be done would be to give a source of money to criminal organizations that would go on to create, move and sell this product at a much higher price due to the lack of competition. Not to mention the appearance of new alcohols and lack of information about them. From my point of view, alcohol should remain legal.

    Me gusta

  8. Alcohol drug?
    The alcohol is a type of drink that produces changes in our bodies and heads; in our behaviours. This drink affects people differently, to some people the alcohol helps and for others, it hurts.
    In first hand, we had some people who’s defends that alcohol it’s not a drug because the government allows it, and of course, they consume…
    On the other hand, we had those people who thinks alcohol should be banned, for the good of the people.
    In my opinion, I think that alcohol shouldn’t be banned because it’s one more drink, such a sodas. The problem is the amount of alcohol that some people consume…, but that would have to be something that each person should control, for the good of the others.

    Me gusta

  9. Should alcohol be banned?
    We all know that alcohol is a drug that is banned for people under 18 years of age, but we also all know that this drug is consumed by most teenagers without them being over 18 years old.
    In my opinion, this drug shouldn´t be banned because it isn´t a hard drug but I think we have to be careful when we take it because it is bad for our health. Also, I think that there are many other things that are bad for our health and these don`t have any prohibition for young people like alcohol does.
    In conclusion, I don´t think that alcohol should be banned but we should be careful not to drink alcohol from a young age because one of the big problems with alcohol is that people start drinking and getting drunk earlier.

    Me gusta

  10. The last friday in the highschool we celebrated the peace day, the students made the peace simbol in the playground holding in our hands papers with the colours blue and yellow in support of ukranian war victims.
    I think that it was a good iniciative by the centres management, althought I don´t understand why not similar acts haven´t been made when others countries like Siria, Irak…that have also been attacked.
    In my opinion this act should be done with all countries suffering for war,, either with all or with none.

    Me gusta

  11. For this writing I have chosen the topic of alcohol and drugs.
    Firstly, I am going to talk about drugs, I think that a drug is everything that causes addiction.
    So is alcohol a drug? I think so. But it is a softer drug than others, for example speed, cannabis…
    I think that if you know how to control your alcohol consumption there is no problem, but if you don’t know it, things can happen like destroying families, having physical and verbal fights…
    Secondly, the question was if I believed that alcohol should be prohibited like the other drugs which I have mentioned previously.
    I think there is already a ban, currently in Spain you should not sell or consume alcohol if you are under eighteen years old. Although that is not the case, but it has been shown that this prohibition is correct, because in Spain there have not been any major problems related to alcohol consumption.
    To sum up, I think that alcohol is a drug but it should not have more restrictions than the ones it already has.


    Me gusta

  12. The Peace Day in my high school

    Last Friday 13th May, we celebrated «Peace Day» in the high school. In this event, all students and all teachers of the school particiated. I thought it would be different and more elaborate.
    This event consisted of all the students and teachers making a peace symbol in the playground with blue and yellow coloured paper, as a tribute to Ukraine, due to the situation they are going through. It was also a bit of a disaster because no one was in the right place.
    All in all, there should have been more organisation and also something to motivate students to participate.

    Me gusta

  13. To begin with, we all know that alcohol is not good for your health if you drink it without control. I think it’s a drug, but it is not as strong as others like cocaine, heroin, etc.

    I don’t think alcohol should be banned, because bars make a lot of money from it, especially at parties. The problem here is when people who drink alcohol have no control over what they are drinking, and then there are alcohol comas and other consequences. Alcohol, like wine, is also traditional in some places, so by prohibiting it, a part of that place would be removed.

    In my opinion, if you have control over what you are drinking there should be no problem. So I wouldn’t ban alcohol.

    Me gusta

  14. Alcohol is also a drug. Should it be banned?

    At least,alcohol is considered a drug,wich,as we can see nowadays is not forbidden.
    It isnt banned just because it helps an economy growing.
    If a bunch of people buys it,it wont be prohibited to consume.
    It’s much commun to see this situation in advanced countries.

    Because,there are also some countries where is ilegal,like Pakistan or Sudan.
    Their religion restric each followers to do that,and it’s the same situation with smoking.

    To end up,in my opinion,alcohol never will be banned.
    Despite it’s that bad for our organism,it could help some ill people to feel better.

    Me gusta

  15. In my high school, last Friday, peace day was celebrated, in my opinion, an event that is governed by hypocrisy, state interests and above all ignorance.

    We live in a world where the system wants us to be submissive and ignorant, to achieve this, they have created events such as the day of peace, created in the General Assembly of the United Nations by the same group of people who make the capitalist system go ahead. Besides the fact that peace day only serves to make us look like we are good people, while at the same time we celebrate it there are people dying because of our selfishness, this year the management team of my school thought it appropriate to add the Ukrainian flag to the peace symbol. Ukraine, a European country that exports large quantities of fuel and other products of interest to those above us in the capitalist pyramid, has been attacked by the Russian state, something that is going to cause damage to the economy, therefore, by instilling in us their opinion through the media, social networks and acts like the one I have told you about, they are making us have an opinion based on ignorance and our submission to those in power, depriving us of our freedom with the intention of using us as machines unable to think.

    «There is only one solution for all powers, don´t follow them anymore the roll, disobedience».

    Me gusta

  16. The last friday, approximately at 12’o clock every class went to the school yard, then everyone took a greenish yellow or a clear blue paper, after that, everyone went to their respective point of the chalk draw over the floor (with the shape of the peace symbol) and then we lifted our papers to the camera, making the peace symbol with the colors of the flag of Ukraine.

    My problem with all of this isn’t only in this event, it also happens in the media, the fact that everyone talks about the invasion of Ukraine but nobody cares about similar or even worst conflicts like the war between Israel and Palestine, or the war of Myanmar.

    Anyways, in the end it was just an empty action “supporting” the current thing for convenience instead of empathy.

    Me gusta

  17. Is alcohol a drug?
    The meaning of drug is “a substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body” so it can be considerate a drug because all the effects which causes in people (alutinations, dizziness, bad criterion) but why isn’t this drug banned like other drugs.
    Generally, alcohol is socially “more accepted” by the society because if you drink a beer with friends you are drinking to have fun and you have not to do nothing bad, but if you see someone smoking “Satan’s Weed” you’ll instantly have a bad impression of that person.

    Me gusta

  18. Alcohol is the most consumed drug and causes chronic and lethel diseases. Many people start drinking alcohol at a very young age, causing growth problems and a severe addiction that is difficult to eliminate.

    So why should alcohol be banned? Going to the bar with your friends or family and drinking some beers in your free time is a great way to talk and have a good time. However, there are people who can’t control their addiction to this drug.

    I think that everyone should reduce the alcohol that they consume to avoid an addiction. I believe that there isn’t any damaging substance, only a damaging dose.

    Me gusta

  19. Alcohol is a drug and like many other drugs it is bad for your health and makes it decline over the years.
    It’s true that alcohol is socially accepted and we are aware of the repercussions that this substance has on our organism. Some of long term effects are cardiovascular deseases, digestive problems, cander and a long list of chronic diseases.
    I belive that alcohol and other drugs should be legalized because we all know the consequences that this bring in the ling and short term and qonsequently we are able to choose which substances we consume and which we don’t

    Me gusta


    Last Friday at our educational centre we were asked to participate in an activity , in my opinion, is hypocritical and that keeps many appearances.

    The idea was to hold some colored paper between several courses and places in specific positions to represent the symbol of peace with the ukranian flag, which in my opinion is not right, since now that Ukraine to suffer the attacks from a country that could start a world war if not continental, is when they worry about war while in all this years many other countries were massacred by war and nobody cared about theme like this case.

    Why don’t they put more flags with the symbol of peace?
    why don’t they do an activity that encompasses all those countries?

    Unfortunately, i found out late that i could refuse to participate since i was given to understand that i was obligated to do it. If i had known that i didn’t have to, i would have gone to sit elsewere.

    Me gusta

  21. Is alcohol a drug ?
    I think so , I’m muslim, my religion ban drinking any type of alcoholic drink like beer, wine or wisky. For this reason i’m not using to drink. In my family nobody consume this type of drinks. Lots of people consume everyday one or more cups of wine because they think that is good for their bodies but they are wrong. They are addicts to alcohol.

    For my point of view alcohol is a drug because it produce adiction to it. Alcohol produce a lot of changes, for instance, bad mood, agressivenes and phisical changes.

    To end with it, I thik that alcochol should be banned.


    Me gusta

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