[4ESO] V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a 2006 dystopian political thriller action film directed by James McTeigue and written by the Wachowskis, set in an alternative future where a totalitarian regime has subjugated the United Kingdom.

The film centers on V (portrayed by Hugo Weaving), an anarchist and masked freedom fighter who attempts to start a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, while Natalie Portman plays Evey, a young working-class woman caught up in V’s mission and Stephen Rea portrays a detective leading a desperate quest to stop V.

You can email me for the link to download it or watch it on line. (English original version subtitled in Spanish)

Your (voluntary) task to raise your mark:
Write a comment (down here) about your thoughts or your personal feelings after watching this film.

Deadline: as soon as possible.
Extension: about 100 words.

6 comentarios en “[4ESO] V for Vendetta

  1. V for Vendetta, in addition to being a story of revenge and love between Evey and V, deals with interesting topics such as the power of persuasion that the media have (Like when they show the show on TV, and while happy families are coming out on their sofas, while the external situation was not happy), or the abuse of the Church (When Evey and the priest are in bed, and he pounces on Evey). Or fear as a means to reach the top typical of the Nazis (When the director Adam appears on TV, he emanates messages of hatred towards certain groups or customs by the media.
    I thought it was a good and interesting movie, but I wouldn’t see it again because I’ve seen it many times.

    Me gusta

  2. I really liked the movie and would recommend it to everyone. It is very mainly because it seeks to convey a message to us in addition to entertaining us, in some way the events that occur in the movie have something to do with what we are experiencing today. The political system that the film follows is similar to the one we are experiencing today in our country. I think we should all think differently from what politicians tell us and try to improve this rotten society in which we are subjected. I invite you all to see the film and then to reflect on the message that it tries to convey to us, the truth is that it leaves a lot to think about.

    Me gusta

  3. «V for vendetta» is a very entertaining movie but in my opinion a little difficult to understand.
    The conclusion I have reached is that most science fiction movies released many years ago are very related to the present.
    On the movie «V for vendetta» you can perfectly see the manipulation of information by the media and how he government hides all reality from its citizens.

    Me gusta

  4. I liked the movie V for Vendatta and I found it quite interesting since it conveys a great message and represents today’s reality. Since it is similar to the situation we live in and shows how we are manipulated by social media. I thought it was a critical film since it captures reality. It’s worth watching because it’s action, although it’s a bit hard to understand, but it conveys something interesting, not like other movies that only entertain you.

    Me gusta

  5. I really liked the movie V for Vengeance is a science fiction movie released in 2006
    It is about a world where politics plays an important role in these times, in which they manipulate people in order to fulfill their objectives, it is very important to determine that the movie «V FOR REVENGE» shows a part of the reality of what is happening and what we are currently watching in our society is a film that deserves to be seen as it conveys a great message and is also very interesting

    Me gusta

  6. Te film os the revenge yo the population against the atte. In this state, people can’t be free nor think un a diferentes way. So, people si subjected yo the pawer. Because of this power, each person who thinks in a different way or is different yo others is punished. It is like a society where if you are different you are abandoned. The characters seek revenge for the 5th November when there was an injustice. The same injustice which «v» lives.
    In my opinion, if you watch the film carefully, the film teachs you that you must think for yourself and avoid people control your thoughts

    Me gusta

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