[BCH] Summer Reading Plan #9

Terminamos como empezamos (la vida es cíclica, el «eterno retorno«…) con otro cómic tan mítico con Astérix: Tintín, del maestro de la «línea clara» Hergé.

Haced click aquí para leerla online o descargarlo en PDF.

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2 comentarios en “[BCH] Summer Reading Plan #9

  1. This comic is one of many of the adventures of Tintin. In these comics, adventures that occurred to the authors are told and they are represented with cartoons to give less importance to the events that happened. Tintin tells real stories that occurred at important moments in world history. He thus asked to reach the smallest readers in the house.

    Me gusta

  2. The adventures of Tintin, as well as being very typical reading for children and even adults, demonstrate the ingenuity of the protagonist in each of his stories.
    In this comic, Tintin, the main character, uses his ingenuity at every moment to create a hypothesis according to the situation. For example, Tintin’s suspicions about the impostor were initially misplaced, but by the end of the story they prove to be true thanks to the exchange for his brother.
    Tradition and the confrontation between countries are also present in this story, which, as always, cause problems that cannot be solved between them.
    Tintin solves the problem, but causes another one, and that is that thanks to him, the king did not abdicate, and in my opinion, that is more important than the stolen sceptre.

    Me gusta

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