[2ESO] Idiocracy

Tras un experimento militar de hibernación humana interrumpido, el oficial Joe Bawers (un soldado mediocre y gandul) y la prostituta Rita, despiertan quinientos años adelante en el futuro, en un mundo distópico en el que la selección natural ha favorecido a los más idiotas, debido a que se reproducen más. Esto ha dado como resultado una humanidad estúpida e ignorante, de modo que Joe descubre que es el hombre más inteligente del planeta.
Your task:
Write a comment (down here) about what you thought or how you felt after watching this film.

Deadline: December the 11th, 23:59.
Extension: between 50 and 80 words.

[Si queréis descargárosla para verla de nuevo, haced click aquí.]

7 comentarios en “[2ESO] Idiocracy

  1. After watching this film, I feel really ashamed.

    It is a documentary of our «possible» future. If we don’t start taking care of our forests and wildlife and reduce pollution, we will end the life of our planet.

    It also shows us what the future of humans would be like without a good education, demonstrating how unintelligent or unintelligent we can be if we don’t use our heads.

    It is a great wake-up call. We have to wake up!

    Me gusta

  2. After im watch the film ,i fell diferent .
    Becauce the people don’t like to study os the people is silly reproduce and the Kids of that people is the horrible future that awaits us and the pollution, the forest and the education is very worst in the future all of that we have to increace the ability of the inteligence in the World or in spain .

    Me gusta

  3. After seeing the movie I have many doubts about how the future will be in the world of reality, although I honestly believe that it will be the same because if you realize it and look around go little by little you will see the future result.What I think is that tomorrow is pretty rude.

    Me gusta

  4. After seeing the movie I feel bad knowing that this is how we could end up.
    The movie is about a prostitute named Rita and a boy named Joe Bowers, who wake up in the future 500 years ahead. People are really stupid where they are, and after Joe Bowers shows people that to stop For the crop to grow, they need to irrigate it with clean water, and that is why they named him the most intelligent man on the planet.

    This movie warns us that we have to try harder and study more because otherwise we will live in a world like that in the future.

    Me gusta

  5. When i fineshed Watching The movie i tought that everyone in The future is going to end badly and there will be no people who think about thongs or who simply have The head to do something, i think they will always do ridiculous things and that world will be a trash.

    The movie it is nice and funny.

    When i finished the movie i felt bad for the fouture bit good to See that people coud change his mind.

    Me gusta

  6. After seeing the movie I felt that possibly in the future we will be like them. I was shocked and disappointed at what I saw. I thought that humanity was going to be better and people more cultured. But in the end if we continue like this , humanity can end up like in the movie and even much worse.

    Me gusta

  7. After watching this film I feel embarrassed about how future will be if we life in a society run by idiots.The film Idiocracy is a satirical film that represents future in which humanity has become stupid.
    It is horrible to think that in a future people won’t be more intelligent than now with all the technological advances close at hand, although maybe this is the problem, as much advances we have, less effort we do and this fact will lead to become idiot if we don’t do something to remedy the situation.

    Me gusta

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