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[1BCH] The Matrix

This post is just for you to comment your personal impressions as you are watching the film. The main aim is «communicativeness», so I won’t be marking your grammar mistakes (but try to write as correctly as you can!); it’s your participation that counts. Be honest: if you didn’t understand anything, don’t be afraid to say so.

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Self Control

«Self Control» is a song by Italian singer Raf, released in 1984. The song was covered the same year by American singer Laura Branigan. Her version first hit no. 1 in Germany on June 15, 1984. The song has become one of the defining songs of the 1980s, with a number of remakes recorded each year.

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“La Chaminera” en el Zaurín

Este pasado jueves 22 de abril, como celebración anticipada del Día Nacional de Aragón, tuvimos en nuestro instituto a “La Chaminera”, una compañía artística con una dilatada historia en el campo de la cultura aragonesa, que nos presentó la campaña “Aragón 3L: nuestras lenguas”.

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