[1ESO] There is / are

In this task, we are practicing «There is / There are». (First of all, review your notes and page 30 of your book).

Just two very simple sheets: this first one is interactive and you must only click the button to send me your result when you complete it.

When you finish this second sheet, it shows your result; take a screen-shot and send it to my email: antton.gil@—

Deadline: May the 6th, at noon.
Do exactly as you are said or else, the task won’t be taken into account. Remember we are working your attention.

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[1ESO] Task 200427

En la página 144 de vuestro libro tenéis estos tres breves textos. Leedlos y entendedlos, apuntando las palabras que os resulten “nuevas” y su traducción. Después, contestad a las preguntas señaladas en el recuadro rojo.

Una vez hecho, copiadlo todo aquí abajo en un comentario con este formato:
•Palabras nuevas con su traducción.

Deadline: April the 29th at noon.

[1ESO] Task 200420

You have to solve this brain teaser: A man has to cross a river with a fox, a chicken, and a bunch of grain. He has got a rowboat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. If the fox and the chicken are together, the fox eats the chicken. If the chicken and the grain are together, the chicken eats the grain. How does the man do it?

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