[1ESO] Fast food

This is our last task! Read the page 145 of your book and answer these questions down here as a comment.

1.Where can you eat spiders?
2.What are the unusual things in a Kuro Pearl hamburger?
3.What kind of meat is used to make a Croc Burger?
4.What makes a Flying Fish Roe Pizza saltier than others?
5.What is a Double Down Dog?

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[1BCH] Revision

And we arrived to the final task! Do the “Review” in the pages 94 & 95 of your book and write your answers down here as a comment.

If you do it honestly, it will give you an idea of how you master the main contents of this year.

Deadline: Thursday, 4 of June at noon. Don’t leave it for the last minute.

[1ESO] Task #200525

Id a la página 81 de nuestro Student Book y haced ambos ejercicios como práctica de reading-comprehension. (No hace falta enviar nada).

Luego, preparad un anuncio (parecido al que tenéis en la página, con sus titulares, sus fotos y sus datos) sobre el destino turístico que más os guste y enviádmelo al correo.

Deadline: 27 of May at noon.