[2BCH] EvAU 2021

Aquí podéis descargar el folleto con toda la información sobre la EvAU de UNIZAR para este curso.

Y además:

Aquí tenéis la estructura de la prueba y los criterios de calificación detallados.

Aquí encontraréis el curriculum de la asignatura en Aragón.

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[BCH] Where is my man?

“Where Is My Man” is a song by the American singer and actress Eartha Kitt, which appeared on her 1984 album I Love Men. The song was first released in France as a single where it was wildly successful. The song features Kitt singing in a low, seductive-sounding voice. Included in the song are some sounds that have come to be associated with Kitt, including a purring sound similar to one she made while portraying Catwoman on the 1960s TV series Batman. The lyrics to the song detail specific things the singer expects to receive from her future lover.

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