[BCH] Where is my man?

«Where Is My Man» is a song by the American singer and actress Eartha Kitt, which appeared on her 1984 album I Love Men. The song was first released in France as a single where it was wildly successful. The song features Kitt singing in a low, seductive-sounding voice. Included in the song are some sounds that have come to be associated with Kitt, including a purring sound similar to one she made while portraying Catwoman on the 1960s TV series Batman. The lyrics to the song detail specific things the singer expects to receive from her future lover.

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[BCH] Reported Speech

Let’s review all we know from former years… First, review the basics (at ESO level). Then review what we learn last year and watch the video as a summary. Finally, do as many exercises on the blog as you need until Wednesday. (You can send me screenshots. Don’t worry, you’ll do the exercises on your book as the next task 😁)


Utilizamos los verbos modales para expresar precisamente eso, la “modalidad“, es decir, la actitud del hablante respecto a la acción enunciada. Si dices “She can’t arrive in time“, estás indicando que crees que es imposible (actitud, opinión) que ella llegue a tiempo (acción). Aquí tenéis una tabla que resume los principales modales, aunque faltan needn’t (indica que algo no es necesario, no hace falta) y had better (conveniencia, “sería mejor”); ambos aparecen en vuestro libro y en los enlaces que tenéis más abajo.

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