Past Simple / Past Continuous

pato.nerdAquí tenéis un esquema básico de la formación y empleo del Pasado Simple y el Pasado Continuo (y una buena dosis de ejercicios, la mayoría online).

Past simple

Affirmative: S+INF+(e)d
Negative: S+didn’t+INF
Interrogative: did+S+INF?

El pasado simple se utiliza: Sigue leyendo


Something good

This video is not intended for you to practice (its lyrics are just: “Oh Oh woah! I just know that something good is gonna happen“); it’s just to suggest an idea to those gals and guys that are going to dance in our High School Festival. I think it’s much better than all that reaggeton rubbish and things like that. Would anyone dare to dance it? 😛