[1BCH] Relative clauses

First of all, you should review our former post about the relatives (use, pronouns and adverbs, types of clauses, omission…), where you will find grammar explanations at different levels, a lot of exercises, rephrasing practice and even tests at four different levels. After that, you can watch the BBC video above. (Of course, you can send me screenshots of your work).

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[1ESO] There is / are

In this task, we are practicing “There is / There are”. (First of all, review your notes and page 30 of your book).

Just two very simple sheets: this first one is interactive and you must only click the button to send me your result when you complete it.

When you finish this second sheet, it shows your result; take a screen-shot and send it to my email: antton.gil@—

Deadline: May the 6th, at noon.
Do exactly as you are said or else, the task won’t be taken into account. Remember we are working your attention.

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