[1BCH] Task #200525

Now, you shall do the same as in the latest task but with the Reported Speech.

Review this year post, review the video and all you need. Once you feel it’s well known, do as many exercises as possible and send me their screenshots (before checking the answers of course…).

Deadline: 27 of May at noon.

[BCH] Reported Speech

Let’s review all we know from former years… First, review the basics (at ESO level). Then review what we learn last year and watch the video as a summary. Finally, do as many exercises on the blog as you need until Wednesday. (You can send me screenshots. Don’t worry, you’ll do the exercises on your book as the next task 😁)

[ESO] Reported Speech (basics)

badeente5643Para referirnos a lo que alguien dijo, podemos hacerlo de dos maneras: 1) Direct Speech: es decir, citando literalmente sus palabras (entre comillas) –> Mary said: “I work in this office”. 2) Reported Speech: “contando” lo que dijo, que es más normal –> Mary said (that) she worked in that office. (“That” aparece entre paréntesis porque podemos omitirlo) Sigue leyendo